In November, 1973, members of the Department of Drama and Theatre at the University of Georgia came together under the direction of Dr. W. Jackson Kesler, II, to form the legendary Period Dance Group. Soon they were joined by students from other departments—art, landscape architecture, psychology, and more—to perform social dances from Shakespeare's time to the mid-20th century.
What was it we did? We researched these dances and their music, learned them, and performed them in costume, usually in the round, with the audience seated as if at a ball from the period. We had songs, we had flirtations, we had vicious, wonderful gossip. Audiences loved us.
Officially, the group had three goals: to provide an outlet for those interested in dance to acquire new skills; to aid in the production, acting, directing, and costuming of period drama; and to have FUN. Those capital letters are actually in the original Student Union organization form, and needless to say, it was this third goal that has made Period Dance live in our memories for all these years.

So here is the official Period Dance Group website. Browse, comment, add to it. If you ever knew what "two rubber bands and a bird of paradise" or "teeny-tiny dance steps" or "It smelt like cheese to me!" meant, welcome back.