Members of Jackson Kesler's Period Dress, Manners & Movement class form the core of the UGA Period Dance Group.


Performance of the Elizabethan period for the University Woman's Club, at the Agricultural Engineering Building, complete with Elizabethan striptease, narrated by Dr. Kesler. We dressed in the Heat Transfer Room.

March 29, 1974

Performance at Georgia Theatre Conference, in the Lab Theatre at Valdosta State College's Fine Arts Building.

[The men stayed in Brown Hall, while the women stayed in Hopper Hall, which is where Dale now spends his summers as head of the faculty of the Georgia Governor's Honors Program.]


May 17, 1974

Five Centuries of Theatrical Dance at Emanuel Episcopal Church's parish house.

16th century: "Now is the Month of Maying" with Marty Snowden and Robert Ray; La Volta; a "Jester's Dance" with Robert Ray; the Galliard; the Allemande; "Come Again, Sweet Love," with Roberta Illg and Jack Winchester; and the Pavane.

17th century: Branle a Mener de Poitou; Hopping Courante; and the Gigue

18th century: "Bois epais," with Peter Clark and Robert Ray; Cotillion; Minuet; Gavotte du Roi; "Passing By," with Marty Snowden; and the Grand Minuet

19th century: "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen," with Roberta Illg, Peter Clark, and Carol Rogers; the Lancers; Cotillion; "A Bird in a Gilded Cage," with Roberta Illg and Carol Rogers; and the Waltz

20th century: Tap Dance; "Five Foot Two" and "Who's Sorry Now?" with Maureen Conway and Jack Winchester; and the Charleston

Dance captains were Maureen Conway for 16th; Dale Lyles for 17th; John Carson and Dale Lyles for 18th; Dale Lyles for 19th; and Patti DeAlteris and Robert Ray for 20th.

July 4, 1974

article in the Athens Banner-Herald:


"A history of dance sweeps by when members of the Athens Period Dance Group [sic] take to the stage for local or out-of-town audiences.
"The group, composed of students interested in the performance of historical dances in a theatrical setting with period costumes, brings a program of dance from the 16th to the 20th centuries whenever it performs.
"Formed in November of 1973, the group originated from the department of drama and theatre at the University of Georgia but now boasts among its members students, faculty members, and faculty wives from many different disciplines at the university.
"Members of the group research selections that will be danced by the group, select the music for a performance and teach other members of the group for a performance.
"The 33 active members put in their own time in preparing for performances that have had audiences at Agnes Scott College, Valdosta State College, numerous local clubs, schools and professional organizations.
Supported by the Athens Junior Women's Club, the Period Dance Group subscribes to three goals: to provide an outlet for those interested but untrained in dance to acquire new skills, to aid in the production, acting, directing and costuming of period drama and to enjoy themselves.
"Typical performances stop in the 16th century for a setting in the Elizabethan Court, in the 17th century for a setting in an English manor house, in the 18th century for a setting in a royal hall, in the 19th century for a setting in a Victorian parlor, and in the 20th century for a setting in the Ziegfield Theatre.
"During this tour of history dancers perform everything from a spirited Galliard from the 16th century to an equally spirited Charleston from the 20th century."

photos of our chaperones and the cotillion