November 25, 1974

The University of Georgia Period Dance Group is officially registered with the Department of Student Activities as a student organization.

January 14,1975

Five Decades of Dance for the University Woman's Club at the Agricultural Engineering Building to celebrate their 50th anniversary. We are the first group they have ever invited to perform for them twice.

February 6, 1975

Five Centuries of Dance, one hour version, at the Union Memorial Hall ballroom

They apparently weren't expecting a large crowd, since they printed only 50 programs. Around 500 showed up.


February 7, 1975

The Elizabethans appeared at the UGA Chapel on campus as part of the Alumni Association's Renaissance Seminar.

February 21, 1975

National Association of Women in Broadcasting, Columbus, GA

Does anyone remember this performance??

February 27, 1975

Five Centuries of Dance, one hour version, at Gainesville Junior College

February/March sometime

Rejecting a dancing tampon with a hat and a cane, the group chose Jim Livsey's design for a logo and had shirts made.

March 7-8, 1975

performance at SETC


May 23, 1975


Five Centuries of Dance at Emanuel Episcopal Church

16th century ("The Elizabethan Court"): Pavane; Morris Dance; Moresca; Allemande; Galliard; and La Volta

17th century ("An English Manor House"): Branle a Mener de Poitou; Hopping Courante; Sarabande; guitar solo, Jack Winchester; and the Gigue

18th century ("A Royal Hall"): Cotillion; Gavotte du Roi; Minuet; "Trio No. 28," with Dale Lyles and Bill Smith; and the Minuet en Huit

19th century ("The Victorian Parlor of Mr. and Mrs. William Chester Smythe"): song, Roberta Illg; Quadrille; Cotillion; yet another song, Roberta Illg; and the Waltz

20th century: Charleston; Tango; Jitterbug; Cha-cha; Tap Dance