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Farris, Mel  
  Feldman, Patty  

Gendreau, Paul


Member:  1975-77 I think -- it was the 70s, so who really remembers anything?!?

Where he is now: Live in Studio City, a suburb of Los Angeles.  I’ve been here for more than 20 years, during most of which time I’ve worked as an Entertainment Publicist.  I was at Lorimar Television 4-1/2 years, Warner Bros. Television 4 years, Fox Broadcasting Co. 3-1/2 years, and have had my own boutique PR firm for the past 7 + years.  Member, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Television Publicity Executives Committee (Treasurer) and Publicists Guild of America.  Recipient of the Publicists Guild’s 2004 Humanitarian Award for founding six-year-old monthly “Feed The Homeless” project which prepares and distributes hundreds of sack lunches each month to L.A.’s homeless living on skid row.

Currently handle a handful of celebrity clients, plus international publicity for “CSI: Miami” and the upcoming launch of Ed McMahon’s memoirs (October 18 street date) Here’s Johnny: My Memories of Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show and 46 Years of Friendship. 

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His favorite PDG memory:  Hands-down, Helen P. Butler entering the arena as Dolly Madison, dragging a steam iron whose cord got caught on the back of her dress, at SCTC in Memphis.

[Ed. note: Michael O'Brien states that Mr. Gendreau's memory is faulty: "that Miz Pritchard Butler & her steam
iron took place at the BERNIE HARRIS MIDDLE SCHOOL in Athens, as I was there AND dancing with "Barbs, Barbs, Our Only Barbs" Hause when said Steam Iron dragged/scraped out onto das floor."]

  Giardini, Fran  
  Green, Sam  
  Griffin, Maxine  
Harvin, Burgess  
  Hause, Barbs  
  Headrick, Charlotte


Where she is now:  Corvallis, OR

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Her favorite PDG memory:  Dancing the tango with Fred Ollerman, the Gigue with Gendreau and the cha cha with ????   AND THE waltz…ohmigosh…what work…..  Kesler adlibbing about finding his fire batons...

Still dancing whenever I can… prof at Oregon State University….directing a wide variety of plays….a lot of American Premieres of Irish drama.   Over the years, won the highest award for teaching at OSU and in 2003 selected as the recipient of the College of Liberal Arts Excellence Award (a $10,000 award)…..miss the South…will be directing at Berry College in January of 2006…I am on sabbatical….spent time in May of 2004 with Michael O'Brien and am in close contact with John Doyle who will be directing Sweeney Todd on Broadway in the fall of 2005

  Hesler, Christian  
  Hesler, Julie  
  Hookey, Linder  
Hutto, Denise Member: Gee! I don't really remember! I think it was 1974-1976

Where she is now: I got my degree in Anthropology at Georgia in 1978, then went to Southern Illinois University and got my Masters in Anthro. I met my husband there. After school, we lived in New York for a while, then moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where we've lived since 1986. We have one son, who just left home for his freshman year in college. I'm an archaeology curator for the Wisconsin Historical Society Museum. I love Madison, but miss my southern "home." The winter goes on forever up here! My mom and my sister Mary Ann (who was also in the group for a while) both still live in South Carolina, so I get to that part of the country 2 or 3 times a year. I miss dancing, I keep threatening to make my husband take dance lessons with me, but so far, it hasn't happened. Thanks, Dale, for putting this web site together!

You can contact her:

Favorite PDG memory: Embarrassing, but I don't remember much! I loved wearing Martha Washington's hand-painted gown. I do remember having a wonderful time dancing with the group.

  Hutto, Mary Ann  
Illg, Roberta  
Jarrett, Bill  
  Jenkins, Jennifer  
Keel, Mark  
  Kesler, Jackson  
  King, Calvin