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  Latham, Greg  
    Lawrence, Taylor Pope  
    Lester, Debbie  
    Lester, Glen  
    Livsey, Jim  
    Lyles, Dale
Member: 73-74, 74-75, 75-76; president/chief researcher 74-76

Where he is now: I'm more or less retired after 35 years as a media specialist in my hometown of Newnan, GA, and two years as the director of the Georgia Governor's Honors Program. For over 20 years I was the artistic director of the Newnan Community Theatre Company. ( I retired from that in 2002 to pursue my interest in composition. My final production was Mozart's Marriage of Figaro, which I translated. From 1984-2013, I taught a series of PD seminars to delighted gifted teens at GHP. I'm married to Ginny Henninger, and we have one son, Grayson.

You can contact him:, or 24 College St., Newnan, GA 30263

His favorite PDG memory: My favorite Period Dance memory would embarrass Cindie Bolkcom, so I’ll say it was the time the bus broke down coming back from Gainesville and we spent a halcyon late afternoon by the lake waiting for another UGA bus to come pick us up. Also, being in the television studio over in Journalism, doing some feature for somebody, waltzing to Roses of the South and singing, "Teeny-tiny tape dots" as we hit our mark.
  Mayberry, John  
    McCarty, Eddie  
    McLaughlin, Joe  
    McQuaig, Cathy  
    Moffitt, Mary  
    Monday, Barbara  
    Morain, Michelle  
    Mullan, Susan  
  Mullin, Neil

Member: 73-74

Where he is now: Gadsden, AL

You can contact him:

  O'Brien, Michael  
    Ollerman, Fred