Over the three years of PDG's existence, 75 members (and probably more) passed in and out of the group. We'd like to catch up on everyone, so if you're on this list (and especially if you're supposed to be and are not), click here for a quick form to fill out.
  Abbott, June
Benton, Janet
Berens, Bob
Biggers, Allison
Bleckley, Debbie
Bolkcom, Cindie
Broeker, Scott
Brooks, Gordon
Brown, Tom
Burton, Terry
Butler, Helen
Campbell, Dale
Carson, John
Clark, Peter
Cole, Hal
Conway, Maureen
Daniel, Kathy
DeAlteris, Patty
Elvidge, Marcia
Farris, Mel
Feldman, Patty
Gendreau, Paul
Giardini, Fran
Green, Sam
Griffin, Maxine

Harvin, Burgess
Hause, Barbs
Headrick, Charlotte
Hesler, Christian
Hesler, Julie
Hookey, Linder
Hutto, Denise
Hutto, Mary Ann
Illg, Roberta
Jarrett, Bill
Jenkins, Jennifer
Keel, Mark
Kesler, Jackson
King, Calvin
Latham, Greg
Lawrence, Taylor Pope
Lester, Debbie
Lester, Glen
Livsey, Jim
Lyles, Dale
Mayberry, John
McCarty, Eddie
McLaughlin, Joe
McQuaig, Cathy
Moffitt, Mary

Monday, Barbara
Morain, Michelle
Mullan, Susan
Mullin, Neil
O’Brien, Michael
Ollerman, Fred
Peed, Charlotte
Perrell, Sondra
Peters, Susan
Ray, Robert
Reid, Kevin
Renna, Bob
Reynolds, Beatty
Rice, Lida
Ricker, Chris
Rogers, Carol
Sanders, Bill
Smith, Bill
Smith, Carl
Snowden, Marty
St. George, Vicki
Thomas, Sherry
Williams, Tom
Winchester, Jack
Young, Bonnie
Young, Martha