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Abbott, June  
  Benton, Janet  
  Berens, Bob  
  Biggers, Allison  
  Bleckley, Debbie  
  Bolkcom, Cindie  
  Broeker, Scott  
  Brooks, Gordon  
  Brown, Tom  
  Burton, Terry Member: 75-76

Where he is now: I am Dean of Library Services at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, since 2010. Before that -- finished MFA coursework in 76 (finally got the thesis done in 80; thank you, computer gods, for freeing me from carbon paper); theatre professionally in WI, CT/NY, and MD through 79 (IATSE still), then teaching it in MD, SC, MO, WI until 86; became a librarian at UW-Oshkosh, then Health Sciences Library Director at West Virginia U and U of WI. Currently living in both MA and WI (just outside Madison), with 3 daughters in Ft. Worth, TX, Madison, WI, and Eugene, OR.


Favorite PDG memory: Actually learning to dance, especially waltzing with the best of folks.
  Butler, Helen
Campbell, Dale  
  Carson, John  
  Clark, Peter  
  Cole, Hal  
  Conway, Maureen  
Daniel, Kathy  
  DeAlteris, Patty  

Elvidge Smith, Marcia

Member: 1973-1974 - Elizabethan, 17th Century and Tango

Where she is now: west central Missouri, about 40 miles southeast of Kansas City

You can contact her at:

Favorite PDG memories: the "those damn dancers" performance at Agnes Scott followed by unofficial convocation at Pittypat's Porch; the Queen in the Elizabethan group dancing La Volta with an iron attached to her skirt; "meet me at my place at midnight" upstaging (17th century) that almost resulted in Fred Ollerman and me falling off the stage

Member: 73-74, 74-75, 75-76; president/chief researcher 74-76

Where he is now: I'm the media specialist at Newnan Crossing Elementary School in my hometown of Newnan, GA. For over 20 years I was the artistic director of the Newnan Community Theatre Company. (Check out this link to see what the group did during my tenure.) I retired from that in 2002 to pursue my interest in composition. My final production was Mozart's Marriage of Figaro, which I translated. During the summer months, I am the assistant director of the Georgia Governor's Honors Program, where I teach a series of PD seminars to delighted gifted teens. I'm married to Ginny Henninger, and we have one son, Grayson. Ginny is vice president of human resources/public relations at Newnan Hospital.

You can contact him:, or 24 College St., Newnan, GA 30263

His favorite PDG memory: My favorite Period Dance memory would embarrass Cindie Bolkcom, so I’ll say it was the time the bus broke down coming back from Gainesville and we spent a halcyon late afternoon by the lake waiting for another UGA bus to come pick us up. Also, being in the television studio over in Journalism, doing some feature for somebody, waltzing to Roses of the South and singing, "Teeny-tiny tape dots" as we hit our mark.